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protection, services, integrated systemsAdvanced Alarm Service, Inc. is a 25-year-old firm, started by Rod Szladek and Ed Zimmerman, that specializes in the installation and maintenance of all aspects of Fire Alarms, Electronic Security, CCTV and services including integrated systems. We pride ourselves upon providing service to our customers in a manner that separates us from the rest of the industry.

We have installed and are servicing a long list of condominiums in Palm Beach County. We currently provide installation and maintenance services for the US Post Offices throughout Southern Florida, providing video surveillance, intrusion detection and fire detection systems.

We maintain a unique position in the South Florida electronic fire and security marketplace. The company was started with a very specific goal: To provide the finest in subcontracted installation services to the major industry firms. Because of this, end users began to ask for us directly. As our customers grew, we added service personnel to help support these systems.

Our current philosophy came out of these humble beginnings. That is, by installing any system correctly initially, the system will require less maintenance and by maintaining a cadre of highly trained service, personnel, any problems that do arise, are quickly and easily dealt with.

Advanced Alarm Service, Inc.
1253 Okeechobee Road Unit B-1
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
Lic. EF0000979
Phone: 561-833-7099
Fax: 561-833-1907

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